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Students Discover UNTs Football Coach Is Paid More Than University President

UNT football coach salary outweighs that of the highest academic figure on campus.

A few students at UNT were pleased to hear this afternoon in their political science class that UNTs Football coach, Dan McCarney, is being paid roughly $75,000 more a year than the university president, Neal J. Smatresk.

Like most people here at UNT, I chose to come here because of the football,” comments student Stephen Knight, “We’ve all seen that Joe Greene picture in the Kerr cafeteria. This school obviously thrives on football.”

While most welcome the large gap in payment between the two employees, some say it isn’t quite big enough. Vice President of Direction Michael Booth commented, “Coaching football is the most important job ever. Everyone knows that college is all about football, and being president is for nerds. Dan should be paid a million dollars a day, he’s a beast.

Small groups of students on campus have accused the idea of worshiping this sport unreasonable and claim that the pay gap does not reflect the values that the student body holds. Administration responded by saying, “The pay gap is a product of the fact that football is profitable and makes money for the school. This is why students are allowed free access to all football games. It maximizes profits.

Following the public debate over the payment gap, the university has announced plans to gradually increase the salaries of all athletic department employees, while simultaneously decreasing all others. Officials say their long-term goal is to completely eradicate the fund-draining academic portion of the college, and focus on what really matters.